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We all want to believe we’ll get back every penny we put into our homes in upgrades so we don’t have to rationalize the cost. Luckily, the Remodeling Impact Report provides a more realistic perspective.
Text by Stacy Wynn | May 20, 2018 | Design & Real Estate

1. The Kitchen: Limit the cost of the project to no more than 20% of the home’s value and you can expect to get about 85% return.

2. The bathroom: The national guideline is to keep upgrades under $20,000 to get 80% ROI. Obviously, luxury homes will be proportionately higher.

3. Patios & Decks: These can range from thousands to tens of thousands. Look around you and don’t overbuild for the neighborhood to get up to 80% return.

4. Front Door: Replacing a tired front door or upgrading a plain one significantly enhances a home’s first impression and can pay back as much as 75% of the cost.

5. Garage Door: This is one of the most profitable home investments you can make. On average, you’ll yield a whopping 87% on the investment.

6. Windows: Energy-efficient and impact windows will not only save on energy costs now but, on average, give a minimum of 70% return.

7. New Siding: Got a classic Florida home with an aging wood exterior? Vinyl siding returns up to 83%, while fiber-cement siding pays back 79% and is termite-proof.

8. More Space: Adding on, whether it’s a bathroom, large master bedroom or any other room, can pay up to 90+% ROI if completed with permits, depending on the location and current market.

Whether you want to upgrade to a bigger home on Key Biscayne or experience living on the island for the first time, these properties may be what you’re looking for.

Club Tower II
3 BD + 4.5 BA
Ocean Views
Doug Kinsley / Cristian Gonzalez
305.215.5900 / 305.775.3426

Island Drive
6 BD + 6.5.5 BA
Oversized Lot
Mark Chatburn

Ocean Tower II
4 BD + 5.5 BA
Asian Pergola hot tub
Jacquie C. Gallardo