Smells Good

Miami-based Doctor Aromas is staying ahead of the scent trend to the benefit of the homes and businesses the company services around the world.
Words // Anja Maltav Photos // Eduardo Schneider | October 27, 2021 | Lifestyle

A recent study published in Future Science determined that some fragrances containing certain essential oils can potentially benefit air quality by inhibiting the growth of bacterial strains and fungus, including mold. The popularity of these products continues to increase because of their aromatherapy applications, as people seek to enhance their overall health and mood while neutralizing unpleasant odors. “With people spending much of their time at home due to a growing work-from-home culture, we have found they have placed a premium on creating an optimum home environment conducive to work and relaxation depending on the space — and home fragrances have become an essential ingredient to this end,” says Marcelo Zelicovich, Founder of Doctor Aromas, creators of a unique fragrance delivery system that essentially transforms your central A/C into a scenting machine. “Our system scents your entire home or business using the finest cosmetic grade and pure essential oils without using electrical power.” Citrus, woody, floral and seasonal scents are available as well as a wide array of diffusers, sprays, hand sanitizers and even car perfumes to keep your spaces smelling great no matter the season;