Sneaker Snobbery

Sneakerheads, rejoice. Fun, comfy and funky footwear has seamlessly integrated itself into every aspect of fashion over the past few years — and into the future.
Words by Zelda Grant | January 30, 2020 | Fashion

Cheeky Colors

The new decade is about statement-making colors and shapes. Wearing sneakers is officially no longer dressing down, especially when it comes to Multi-Color Sneakers. This is the era of no rules, particularly when it comes to personal style. Fashionistas are embracing bright shades in a wide variety of styles up to and including several bright colors applied to a single sneaker. Your feet deserve an eye-catching color palette.

2020 Tennies

In fashion everything that is old eventually becomes new again. Enter the 1970s Tennis Sneaker. No it’s not a zombie film. These designs pair well with the 1980s slimmer silhouettes that walked some recent catwalks. Of course, when old is new it’s also reinvented, and while Stella McCartney is going pale and plain, the simplicity of modern tennis shoe lines just calls out for some bling.

The Minimalist

Not ready to rebel? Many others aren’t, either. The wildly popular All-White Trainer is still in. So much so that it has given rise to a minimalist sneaker movement. Clean and classic, these pieces are the multi-tools of footwear. They dress up with high-end duds and dress down with athleisure or casual jeans. One tweak for 2020 is the addition of cream to the mix to add just a bit of personal dash.