Social Grace

Perhaps no place on Earth embodies the power of giving more perfectly than Key Biscayne.
Text by Jorge Arauz | April 18, 2018 | Lifestyle

“Sometimes the greatest gift we can give the world is to share our blessings with others whenever we are presented with the opportunity.”

In this issue, we showcase the altruistic lifestyles of some of our island’s finest. In “Island United,” we go inside the Key Biscayne Community Foundation and introduce you to some islanders working with the organization to yield the biggest possible impact for a variety of causes close to home and around the world. In “Stronger Together” and “You May Say I’m A Dreamer,” you’ll get a front-row seat to some of the season’s most inspiring looks, with a philanthropic edge at the forefront. In “The Crux Of Want” our Editor-At-Large Francesca Cruz contemplates the phenomenon of balancing the pursuit of happiness with a ravenous need for more. Want to be even further inspired? “Heroes In Disguise” delves into life-changing anonymous charitable donations made around the world and how they have affected countless lives. But it’s not just adults making a difference. This month’s “Hero” is teenager and Key Rat Martin Frallicciardi. His inspiring charitable efforts are proof-positive that when it comes to giving back, everything’s possible if you lead with your heart.