Social Issues

For the last several years, Daniel Fiorda has dealt with technology obsolescence, with the trail of discarded tech that humanity leaves behind and what it says about us. His new series of sculptures takes this thematic one step further.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | December 27, 2019 | People

The deeply intellectual sculptures of Daniel Fiorda asks the viewer to say no to the established thought process and find hidden, subtle social issues: consumerism, environment or even the struggle against mortality. Here, concrete is both material and symbol. Each sculptural element is almost entirely made of reinforced concrete, cast in the shape of a miniature Brutalist building. These towers feature barely concealed found objects, almost fully engulfed by concrete, and yet still eerily discernible: industrial gears, old cameras and lenses, objects that evoke industrial and pre-digital eras. The overall sense is dystopian rather than apocalyptic. The towers and pseud-pyramids exude authority and uniformity, and the appropriation of old technology into new structures suggests a historical and technological challenge right around the corner, mirroring the ones in our recent past — most definitely a significant notion worth listening to;