Sonic Output

Five custom dual-diaphragm balanced armatures bring a new level of sound quality to Campfire Audio’s Andromeda Emerald Sea; allowing listeners to fully immerse themselves in their favorite tracks.
Words // Stacy Wynn | December 26, 2023 | Lifestyle

Earbuds seem too simple a word for the Campfire Audio Andromeda Emerald Sea. It all starts with an Andromeda Green anodized aluminum housing that is not just visually appealing but also durable, with its smooth contours and stainless-steel fasteners that are designed to offer unprecedented comfort. Inside is a patented driver treatment technology, TAEC, a specially crafted, unique space in which a balanced armature is housed. This allows for the emphasis/de-emphasis of specific frequency bands, enabling the ultra-fine tuning of a driver. Turn them on to enjoy a unique sonic experience that brings warmth and sweetness to tracks, transporting wearers to a place of comfort and familiarity; where they feel every detail of the crisp waves of sound as they roll by. Included is a full set of cables designed to eliminate microphonics and enhance audio experiences. With 2.5mm, 3.5mm, and 4.4mm terminations, compatibility with all audio devices is ensured;