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I learned a long time ago that clutter isn’t just stuff scattered around your spaces, inside storage units or thrown into a catch-all closet somewhere, it’s literally the embodiment of anything standing between you and the life you want to live.
Words by Jorge Arauz | December 25, 2022 | Lifestyle

“In order for something new to take place in  your life, you have to do away with old things — sometimes literally — declutter your life, declutter you mind.” — Marie Kondo

Too often, our possessions are affecting our potential. At the beginning of each year, I go through and decide what things I want to keep and what needs to be donated, refurbished or retired. Often, we hold on to things with lots of “hope” — we “hope” our clothes will fit again; we “hope” we will get around to mastering that new hobby; we “hope” that we will finish that abandoned project. But the reality is that all that “hoping” ends up controlling our lives, relationships, work and grand plans. Some experts believe that what we hold on to the most represents our own self-worth and the things and people that matter the most to us. I encourage you to enter the new year with a mindset of letting go of the past and trust in the future so you can free up your heart, your head and your house!


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