Spectacular BVI

Explore spectacular light-filled grottoes, naturally carved from a series of small sea pools lying beneath a canopy of giant granite boulders. Discover why The Baths is at the top of every adventurer’s sightseeing list.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | June 29, 2020 | Lifestyle

The British Virgin Islands are filled with dramatic natural wonders, none more not-to-be-missed than The Baths on Virgin Gorda’s north shore. This geological phenomenon is comprised of breathtaking giant granite boulders as large as 40 ft. in diameter that form secret sheltered sea pools on the beach’s edge. The cavernous surroundings are a result of the molten rock seeping up into the existing volcanic rock layers. Since the molten rock did not reach the surface, it cooled slowly and formed a hard crystalline granite layer. Further shrinkage and cracking formed blocks, which were exposed when the softer volcanic rock above eroded away. Weathering rounded the corners of the boulders to what they are today. The area also includes the famous Devil’s Bay, which is reached via a scenic series of steps and rope handrails that guide explorers along a trail through the boulders. This popular daytime anchorage is ideal for swimming and snorkeling with its deep blue Caribbean waters rich with marine life and coral. Just north of The Baths is another must-see Spring Bay, which reached by a separate road and includes a lovely white sand beach with some of the BVI’s clearest waters. After you’ve worked up an appetite, the Top Of The Baths restaurant is ready with Caribbean fusion breakfasts, lunch and happy hour. Be sure to check out the delightful collection of shops while you’re there;