Spyder Bite

The first blast of sound emanating from the McClaren 765LT’s quad-tipped titanium exhaust provides a hint of the raw power on tap.
Words // Bill Lindsey | March 28, 2023 | Luxury

Bearing the name of the youngest driver ever to win a Formula One championship, and who drove the Ford GT to victory at LeMans in 1966, the latest creation from McClaren is yet another masterpiece. A limited production run of 765 of these supercars ensures fierce competition to acquire one regardless of the pricetag hovering near $500,000. The exterior is a lesson in applied aerodynamics, with every inch designed to allow wind to flow past with minimal friction. Powered by a 755-hp, twin-turbo, 4-liter V8, 0 to 60 requires a scant 2.8 seconds; with the loud pedal held to the floor, a top speed of 205 mph occurs in just a tad over 7 seconds. For those times when speed is secondary to a leisurely drive, the hardtop can be retracted in 11 seconds, filling the ergonomic cockpit with sunshine;