Star Spotter

Are “smart telescopes” the future of astronomy? The Unistellar eVscope 2, which digitally filters out the light pollution and other obstructions that makes traditional viewing so difficult, would make us say: YES!
Words // Zelda Grant | March 28, 2023 | Lifestyle

Aim the Unistellar eVscope 2, put your eye to the viewer, and it only takes a few seconds for you to start seeing the beautiful colors and shapes of galaxies and nebulae that are normally invisible, even through the eyepiece of a large conventional telescope. How? It’s not magic, but the company’s Enhanced Vision, a patented proprietary technology that allows a live observation of faint objects thanks to the live accumulation of the light we receive from them. The electronic eyepiece, developed by Nikon, is paired with a best-in-class micro OLED screen, designed to enhance contrast and deliver a perfect black image, with a sophisticated array of lenses, sourced from Nikon’s expert optical labs. For the $4,800 price tag, you get to explore endless new worlds;