Stimulating Workout

Billed as the world’s most efficient workout, Katalyst adds a jolt of energy to interval cardio, rotational and agility training, fast HIIT, glutes, abs, boxing, kickboxing, and even skiing and golf.
Words // Zelda Grant | December 29, 2023 | Lifestyle

The FDA-approved Katalyst EMS is designed to amplify every minute, every movement, every performance of a workout; meaning that 20 minutes is all that’s needed to achieve a power-packed workout of tailored intensity that would normally take 2+ hours in the gym by simply activating 90% of muscle fibers, according to the company. When used for full-body training, EMS combines the advantages of conventional static or dynamic strength training with electrical stimulation of the muscles; which are used much more intensively and, because full-body EMS engages all the major muscle groups simultaneously, they can all be strengthened and stabilized at the same time. Muscular imbalances can be avoided or treated, while sports-related or everyday functional movements can be trained. Just download the app and explore the extensive workout library;