Stitch Power

Gifting with intention is on everyone’s mind these days, and Obakki has been leading the way for over a decade. Their Bags by Judith will augment your look while enhancing lives.
Words by Zelda Grant | March 29, 2022 | Lifestyle

The Obakki Bags by Judith are not just beautiful, they symbolize the creator’s journey to healing. Each bag represents her transformation of tragedy into hope. After surviving a terrifying assault, Uganda native Judith began sewing bags to deal with her trauma. Her focus and dedication have had an enormous impact on her recovery. She says that with each stitch, she’s slowly taking back her power, rebuilding herself after years of suffering. “Sewing is a language of the heart,” she says. “With each bag that I sew, I consider it a love note, and a connection is formed with the person who will eventually own it.” Now that she has found her passion, Judith wants to help other women heal who have suffered similar trauma. Her goal is to start a program to train other women as seamstresses and to eventually employ them as her business grows;