Style Spree

The casual sophistication of island living meets the best of the urban core as some of Key Biscayne’s most fashionable women head over the causeway to explore the shopping mecca that is Brickell City Centre.

Words // Anja Maltav
Producer // Ana Claudia Negri
Photos // Lucas Bomeny
Wardrobe // All @ Saks Fifth Avenue, Brickell City Centre
Location // Brickell City Centre

Mia Lage

When she was a little girl, Mia Lage knew from the moment she began exploring her mother’s fabulous wardrobe that fashion was in her future. Today, as the CEO & Partner Designer for Wish Fine Jewelry, she loves to add jewelry to her outfits. “I describe my style as casual with sparkles,” she says. “I love wearing basic looks with the sophistication of jewelry — my best style tip is to always add jewelry!”

Carolina & Amelia Do Valle

The fashion apple doesn’t fall far from the tree — and Carolina & Amelia Do Valle prove style runs in their DNA. Mom describes her style as laid-back; daughter leans more toward the preppy side. Both can agree on one very important fashion commandment: “We love sustainable brands and companies that support artisanal work, especially hand-embroidered work from Latin American,” they say. “We are both also very fond of vintage hats and sunglasses!” The best part of living in Key Biscayne, they say, is that you don’t feel like you have to follow trends. “The nature on the island is so beautiful and exuberant that you only want to wear clothes that make you happy!”

Dolores Urdapilleta

First impressions matter when it comes to real estate, and Dolores Urdapilleta doesn’t disappoint. The leading Real Estate Broker and proud Key Biscayner lists Maje, Sandro, Zadig and Voltaire among her favorite fashion brands. Always one to keep it classic while weaving in trend and statement pieces, her style philosophy is at once inspiring and practical. “I strive to be comfortable and elegant with my wardrobe,” she says. “To mix it up and keep things interesting, I always try to add an original detail or two to my outfit!”

Consuelo Guzman

As an Industrial Designer, Artist & Image Consultant, you can bet Consuelo Guzman has great taste when it comes to fashion. “I like to keep it classic and use different colors and artisan accessories, sometimes mixing-and-matching essentials from both sexes — like a men’s blazer with a dress,” she says. “Never follow fashion trends, just wear what suits you.” She’s so passionate about helping people find the right looks for them, she’s developed an entire algorithm around it via the “Consuelo Guzman App.” “I try to help women of all ages discover the most complementary styles, colors and fabrics for them according to their body shape, face and skin,” she says. “It’s a very rewarding feeling to know I’m helping others look their best.”

Natalija Dedic-Stojanovic

If you’ve ever wondered about the driving force behind Miami Swim Week, look no further than Co-Founder & Creative Director of PARAISO Miami Beach, Natalija Dedic-Stojanovic, a fashionista with her own unique style. “I’m a rock’n’roll girl at heart and always choose androgynous and cool vs overtly sexy,” she says. From Isabel Marant and Derek Lam 10 Crosby to IRO, Prada, YSL and Jonathan Simkhai, she prides herself on the authenticity of her wardrobe. “I’ve found that the key lies in changing fashion to fit your own personal style and your true authentic self,” she says. “Trend overload is a huge pet peeve of mine!”