Stylish Write

This year the coveted Montblanc Writers Edition pen is dedicated to dramatist and Nobel Prize winner George Bernard Shaw and the rise of his title character Eliza Doolittle from flower girl to aristrocratic lady in Pygmalion. With a sophisticated dark-green marbled body and gleaming platinum rings, this hefty writing instrument will get you noticed for more than just the words and phrases you write with it. Make sure to wrap your fingers around one of them before they’re sold out by visiting

Smart Business
If you want to maximize every networking opportunity to its fullest potential, sometimes the delivery is as important as the introduction. That’s why the new Dior Homme business card holder should be on everyone’s radar. The sleek design coupled with its lightweight and easy-to-carry body will let you take it anywhere you go no matter what else is in your pockets. To get one for $210, stop by at Saks Fifth Avenue or visit




“At least 80% of millionaires are self-made. That is, they started with nothing but ambition and energy, the same way most of us start.”
— Brian Tracy

Cash Life
The life expectancy of a dollar bill is 18 months. A $100 bill is expected to stay in circulation for a 7.4 years. $50 bills stay “alive” for about half that time.




Credit Limit
If you haven’t used those emergency credit cards for a while, the economy-sticken providers are starting to decrease credit limits.




Bad Fortune
The total amount of people who lost their jobs in 2008 is 2.6 million. This is not counting workers asked to take unpaid vacations or those shifted from full-time to part-time.