Summer Sizzle

Ever since I can remember, summer was always my favorite time of year.
Words by Jorge Arauz | April 27, 2021 | Lifestyle

From school breaks to endless days lazing away on the beach and soaking in the sunshine, the summer months flew by year after year. And here we are in 2021. None of us could have ever imagined having experienced what we have been through this past year, and here we are, full circle, holding our collective excitement as we cautiously begin venturing out into the real world again — catching up with loved ones, dining at new restaurants and showing all our bottled up affection to those we care about the most but have been socially distanced from for so long. Whichever way we look at it, one thing’s certain: What we have been through has made us stronger and every second we are alive is a blessing we should cherish for as long as we can. The lessons learned. The heartache. The light at the end of uncertainty. Let’s make this summer one to remember.