Super Cycle

Adding a bold new “spin” to indoor cycle centers, Key Biscayne’s new RPM Indoor Cycling sports everything necessary to take your fitness regimen to a whole new level.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | May 7, 2018 | Lifestyle

What athletically-inclined Miamian wouldn’t want to enjoy all the benefits of a regular cycling regimen without having to endure the sporadic sprinkles, ceaseless construction and creative driving culture that make our Magic City so exciting to reside in? Providing this and so much more is RPM Indoor Cycling, Key Biscayne’s premier spin spot that’s 30 cycles, killer sound systems and cutting-edge coaching techniques ensure its status as the preferred physique program for the 21st Century. “RPM Indoor Cycling truly takes indoor cycling to the next level,” says Founder Mauricio Gomez. “Our 30 bikes feature Coach By Color technology, which allows you to train within 5 color zones to accurately coach your effort for the best customized results.” Ranging from “very light” (white) to “maximum” (red), Coach By Color connects you to your workout, your instructor and your friends to maximize your training experience and reach your goals faster. Already the talk of the town, stay tuned to this industry invigorator for more pulse-pumping, healthful innovations;