Super Powder

Leading Australian ingestible collagen and nutrient-infused brand KAILO will have you feeling your best this summer.
Words // Anika BinX | June 26, 2024 | Lifestyle

If the thought of an upset stomach stops you in your tracks, the KAILO Feel Well Nutraceutical Powder available at Neiman Marcus may be the remedy you’ve been searching for. The collection is an extension of one of the world’s best spas, KAILO Spa @ The Calile Hotel. Formulated with ingredients that are scientifically proven to reduce inflammation and improve gut microbiome like L-Glutamine, aloe vera, probiotics and other digestive enzymes alongside collagen, magnesium glycinate and chamomile to keep you going at your best. According to KAILO’s in-house Nutritionist & Wellness Expert Lola Berry, having a therapeutic dose of collagen ensures your body is accessing the amounts needed to support connective tissue. “KAILO incorporates collagen peptides which are more bioavailable and therefore easier for the body to absorb compared to most of the leading collagen supplements on the market,” she says. What’s more, the “wonder ingredient” L-Glutamine reduces any digestive discomfort and inflammation by supporting structural cells of the gut. Hangover? KAILO to the rescue! “L-glutamine repairs the lining of the gut wall, so drinking this both before or after alcohol consumption can help by increasing permeability of gut lining and reducing the amount of toxins entering the bloodstream to heal the gut,” says Berry. “Additionally, digestive enzyme bromelain can reduce general inflammation caused by alcohol consumption; and papain is known to reduce liver inflammation.”;