Super Security

Owning a watch collection is exciting until you realize how much they are worth and all but the one currently on your wrist are stashed in a remarkably unsecure dresser drawer.
Text by Bill Lindsey | April 16, 2018 | Luxury

If you have good taste in timepieces, which is to say nothing linked to a phone or sporting a digital dial, it doesn’t take many to amass a collection worth six figures. The solution is a home vault that blends panache with the ultimate in security. One suggestion is the Man Safe, a bank-quality home vault. The steel armor core under a dense composite combined with a biometric fingerprint-reading lock provides easy access to your timepieces and other valuables while keeping them out of the reach of even the most determined bad guys. With fire protection up to 1,700 degrees for 90 minutes and a glass plate relocking system, Godzilla couldn’t crack a Man Safe. To make it even better, the Man Safe, available in several sizes, is so incredibly high-tech cool you’ll want to display it in your living room. The interior is equally amazing, finished in your choice of carbon fiber, leather or fine wood;