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Superman Stance

Think you have relatively good posture despite many hours spent at a desk? Clip on a Lumo Lift and find out. If you don’t like the result, this contraption can help with that, too.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | May 14, 2018 | Beauty & Wellness

All the mothers who told us to “sit up straight” throughout our childhoods would be positively thrilled with the Lumo Lift. This small devise magnetically attaches to your clothing, and after being calibrated by pressing it twice, buzzes you when you slouch or even lean back. It also keeps track of your steps, distance travelled and calories spent throughout the day via a convenient app. Because the Lumo Lift sees any deviation in posture as slouching, the buzz can be turned off or you can recalibrate the device throughout the day as needed. Just having it on, even without the buzz, makes most users more aware of how they sit and stand. You can even cheat the buzz by recalibrating the unit to a slight slouch later in the day;