Sweat-Life  Balance

Get inspired by FIT-BISCAYNERS pushing the limits of mind, body & soul while mastering the art of balancing it all and going for the win.
Words // Bianca Sproul | Photos // Edward Leal | June 23, 2023 | People

Perfect Par

It wasn’t hard for Michael Myles to get passionate about golf — he honed his fire for movement from hours of competitive matches spent with his brother and father, and inherited his love of athleticism from his mother, Marilyn Myles. “Her incredible work ethic and dedication to fitness is my inspiration,” says the elite coach for Prime Players Golf and Crandon Golf Academy, whose students have won more than 220 tournaments and counting. “I see the benefits of staying active by how young and energetic it keeps you and how it enhances your quality of life!” Marilyn arrived on Key Biscayne in 1973 as a young physical education teacher from New York, blossoming a series of fitness programs, businesses and classes on the island. From the Key Biscayne Health Club to the Key Biscayne Rec Center, she’s always offering others the gift of fitness. “No matter your fitness goals, the recipe is always the same,” she says. “It’s all about having a plan and staying consistent!”

All Love

Longtime Key residents Joe & Ana Rasco found a common love in pickleball — a trending sport on the island that perfectly complements their dynamic lifestyles. A few times a week, the duo dance on the courts, balancing his busy schedule as Mayor of Key Biscayne, and her mentoring and philanthropic commitments. “Pickleball has all the right elements — it’s fun, you get in some cardio, and most importantly, it has a great social component,” they say. “It’s never too late to start on a path to wellness and healthy living. Don’t set out to climb Mount Everest in the first month of your journey — set a reasonable goal and once you reach it, set a new one!”

H20 Bros

Swim coaches Gaby & Iggy Larrea have made a big splash in the Key Biscayne community with their now 26-year-old Team Key Aquatics program for children — instilling their personal values of fitness and healthy habits onto the next generation of Key Rats. “Living in an environment where we are constantly surrounded by water, it becomes crucial for children of all ages to be comfortable, confident and skilled in water-related situations,” they say. “This can help prevent accidents, reduce risks, and ultimately save lives.” For them, family is everything. “We always put family first,” they say. “Trying new things together fosters a sense of unity and support — you can encourage and motivate one another, share experiences and celebrate achievements, all while further strengthening the family bond.”