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Swedish Invasion

Step aside IKEA, it’s time to make room for the new Swedish trendsetter in the home furnishings market — Voice. Their collection of fashionable, fundamental furniture for the modern home will turn your humble abode to awesome.
Text Sandy Lindsey | June 29, 2018 | Design & Real Estate

Taking its inspiration from the basics of a fashion wardrobe, the new versatile, durable, minimalist, somewhat bohemian collection from Voice Furniture contains every home décor essential needed for a contemporary, high-style yet understated dwelling. The eye-catching lines are graceful with an attention to detail that makes the pieces stand out against their mass-produced competition. “The designs from Voice are made to last, both functionally and aesthetically,” says Matthias Stenberg, who was brought on as a creative consultant in early 2017. “It’s about restrained forms with detailing at a very high level to create designs that are understated but not austere, meaning we take great care of proportions, colors and tactility.” The visual expression of the Voice collection is low-key, but the user experience is warm and inviting. The new home furnishing essentials include five of Stenberg’s own designs, as well as pieces by acclaimed Swedish designer Nina Jobs and London design studio Cate & Nelson;