Sweet Treats

If you struggle with a case of the midnight munchies or have a sweet tooth that’s causing you to pile on the pounds, you may want to bite into the baked wholesome goodness of Miami’s very own tastiest sweet treat: Eat Me Guilt Free.

Now you can have your brownie, and eat it too thanks to Eat Me Guilt Free, an ever-expanding line of brownies, cakes, cookies and other baked goods developed by Registered Nurse, Certified Sports Nutritionist and Miami native Cristie Besu. “Eat Me Guilt Free was created as a response to my clients’ struggles with late-night cravings, particularly for sweets,” she says. “I needed to find a solution that would satisfy them, while delivering a lean physique.” Originally baked in her kitchen, Eat Me Guilt Free now boasts a team of highly skilled bakers. “Whether you have one for breakfast, lunch, dinner, a snack or before and after a workout, the macros and protein to carbohydrate ratio are on your side,” she says. “In a nutshell, we are the best-tasting and most convenient portable protein on the market and will continue to evolve the brand as customer demand soars.”;