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Take a Seat

With a hardwood frame, java-colored wooden legs and all-over cushioning, the Roscoe Chair by Michael Wolk features sleek design and top-stitched fabrics that’ll help you feel right at home as you relax with guests or cuddle to the latest best-seller. Bring any room to life for $2,250 at

Top Table
BoConcept’s modern coffeetable brings a bold look to any room. Made from black-stained oak veneer, this coffeetable’s spacious surface is perfect for both entertaining and every-day living. It also has a discreet storage drawer to keep messes out of sight. To order one for $1,199, visit

Light Packing
Half of all Americans who sell their home fully furnished make sure to take all of the lightbulbs with them before they officially vacate the premises. What a bright idea!




Yellow Yell
Studies show that babies that sleep in rooms that are painted yellow cry more. So if you’re planning on painting your baby’s room a neutral color, stick with pink or blue.




“Cluttered Cathy”
A moniker given to housewives who can’t seem to organize their homes without making knick-knacks the centerpiece of every room in the house.




Toaster Radio
For about $40, this DeLonghi 2-slice Toaster-Radio hybrid is sure to keep you and the kids entertained during breakfast prep throughout the week. Just don’t get too distracted!