Team Effort

Text by Jorge Arauz, Editor in Chief. Photo by Kate Benson | July 9, 2018 | Lifestyle

There are several people who come together to make every edition of this magazine a reality. Some are more obvious than others. There’s the editorial staff (including editors, graphic designers, writers and photographers) whose sole duty it is to make sure that everything we produce on our pages is worthy of your attention, and relevant to your life and interests. Then there’s the sales team who work tirelessly to get quality clients to promote their services and products to you in a meaningful manner that will make your life more convenient (and hopefully, better) in one way or another. What’s made us successful is the way we approach each issue as a team. In lieu of a “final say,” we find compromise. Instead of boxing ourselves into a comfortable template, we become innovative and evolve personally and professionally to the benefit of the magazine and everyone who reads it. Most importantly, our eyes, ears and emails are always open. We’ve launched entire sections, refined editorial goals and created annual cover-worthy round-ups based on your feedback. Half of our duty is reading, responding and reacting to emails, letters, faxes, text messages, voicemails and in-person feedback from everyone our magazine reaches. Some suggestions we ponder for a year. Some we get a quick chuckle out of before moving on. Still, others we implement immediately. In many cases, as we are bogged down with deadlines, events and follow-up, we depend on you to be our Editors-at-Large, filling us in on everything going on in our community. On this month of giving thanks, I say “Thank You!” to anyone who has taken the time to let us know when we’re doing something right and when we’re dead wrong. If you’ve made it this far into my letter this month, then I thank you, too, for your continued support! Let’s continue the dialogue. To me, your 2 cents is worth 2 million.

Jorge Arauz Editor-in-Chief