The Aesthetics of Action

Capturing the moment of the exertion of power or force is James Woodley’s specialty. Showcasing this talent to the world is his passion.
Text by Natasha Albornoz | June 6, 2018 | People

The portraits that James Woodley takes are comprised of beautiful moments in a hidden world that happen too quickly to see, yet are too important to miss. He knows quite well the value of lighting in photography, using it to create his signature dramatic look and feel. “Light is everything,” he says. “If you don’t have good light, you don’t have a good shot.” Once Woodley fully delved into the art of photography, he discovered his style, and action shots are able to capture that split second in time beyond what the eye can see. Lately, his muses have been Grand Master Sensei Phoenix & Sensei Jonathan Fields from Lost Legacy Systems MMA. He also teaches private photography lessons to individuals and groups;