The Boys Of Summer

We’ve been giving the gals way too much fashion attention — for the summer, it’s the gents who get summer love with the hottest shorts of the season: Hello, OGUY.
Text by Francesca Cruz | May 17, 2018 | Fashion

Friends Christopher Martinez and Lesly Blandon started the OGUY men’s casualwear line in 2015 while on vacation. It became quickly obvious that there was a lack of sophistication and style in the menswear market. Necessity sparks creativity and cajoles innovation. The pair took a leap of artistic faith at the opportunity to create a high-end line of shorts that could transition effortlessly from day to night. OGUY shorts combine New York City’s boldness and polish with Miami’s Caribbean flare. These are the shorts you’ll be seeing in The Hamptons, around the French Riviera, throughout The Caribbean, and of course right here in The Magic City for summer. The colors, the prints and quality of the textures — oh my! Get ready, boys;