The Conservationist

Arno Elias uses mixed media as a means of engaging philosophical disquisitions on culture, humankind and wildlife inspired by his diverse experience and extensive traveling across various continents.
Words by Stacy Wynn | March 29, 2022 | People

The relationships and connections Arno Elias is able to realize in photographing people, wildlife and moments in time, have imbued his spirit with a quest for humanity and awakened his senses to the power and beauty of these diverse cultures and wildlife that is increasingly being lost in the wake of globalization and industrialization. Born in Paris, the French-American Artist, Painter, Photographer, Musician & Activist currently calls Miami home. In 2016, he created the worldwide campaign I’m Not A Trophy dedicated to raising greater awareness of the rapid extinction of endangered species around the world. In 2019, he was invited to the 74th Session of the United Nations General Assembly on the topic of animal welfare and sustainable development. As a composer, he created the musical score for the United Nations Organization in New York, a Campaign for UNICEF called For Every Child with recording artist Shakira. The Lost Series is a crystallization of Arno Elias’ mixed-media techniques and the powerful images he captured during his solo world photographic tour;;