The COS Of Simplicity

Effortless. Airy. Undeniably modern. Newly opened boutique COS is asking the Magic City to reconsider what satisfies as style.
Text by Hugh Marchand Photos courtesy of COS | May 11, 2018 | Fashion

We’re a loud city; it’s undeniable. We revel in bombast, find no festivity complete without cacophonous accompaniment. Our fashion tastes run the same, bold cuts bleeding topical, tropical color palettes, peacocking proudly across the paradisiacal promenade that makes up our city’s thoroughfares and byways. It’s precisely because of this thunderous tenor that the functional brilliance of the lines of London-based COS stands out so severely. After all, in an age where everyone shouts, what speaks louder than a whisper? Just recently celebrating its 10th Anniversary, the Regent Street-born retailer has made an impressive showing in an increasingly globalized fashion industry, carrying 195 stores in 32 countries and continuing to expand. With the world as its oyster, why grace Miami with their particularly muted brand of magic? “Miami has such a strong art and design heritage now,” says Atul Pathak, Global Communications Director at COS. “For us, art and design is such an intrinsic part of where we draw our inspiration from. As a city having that set of sensibilities, it makes perfect sense for us to be here.” Firmly focused on the dual tenets of quality and functionality and just beginning to find a foothold in Miami’s clothing consciousness, we’re eager to see how this clean, comfortable new look will inflect the closets and clubs of our city; 3915 NE 1st Ave., Design District;