The Great Outdoors

It’s not a difficult task to fall in love with the outdoors when we live in the middle of an island paradise that has no rival. From biking along Rickenbacker Causeway to a game of frisbee on the Village Green and an exploratory trek through Bill Baggs State Park, it seems the options are endless when it comes to the great outdoors in and around Key Biscayne. In this issue, we showcase some of those options with special consideration to the Sony Ericsson Open which graces us with its presence for yet another year. Get the scoop on everything this year’s tournament has to offer in our exclusive guide to the Sony Ericsson inside this issue. Our cover story, “Blake is Back,” delves into the career of tennis’ favorite pretty-boy, James Blake, and includes an exclusive insight into what he loves about Key Biscayne and why he might call the island home in the very near future. In “Lost City Found” we dive into the new Atlantis Memorial Reef just a few miles off of Key Biscayne’s coast. This underwater sanctuary will house the remains of aquaphiles from around the world while serving as a prime dive site for water enthusiasts. In “Key Players,” we profile six people with two things in common: their fascination with Key Biscayne and their admiration for sports. Their stories may just inspire you to go out and sweat a little under our warm, blue skies if your busy schedule hasn’t allowed you to do so recently. For some comic relief, “From Fat to Fit” offers a humorous account of some of the most important reasons we should all consider getting in shape. From the things your friends say behind your back to the way your arms and legs look in the always-essential light wardrobe we must all don to stay cool in our tropical weather, this article is sure to make you think twice before you reach for that creamy hors d’oeuvre at the next social function you attend. To look great in your new body, check out “Style Court,” a tennis-themed fashion editorial showcasing the latest in courtside couture for day and night. To cool off after a long day of working out, Chef D. Chalaron has concocted the “Sports Buzz” of a lifetime with his modern take on the traditional libation of champs: the mint julep, made famous as the official drink of the Kentucky Derby. If all the action on the island this month has you yearning for a break, head over to Dellis Cay in the Turks and Caicos for a look at their latest real estate offerings. You might just return home with the second home of your dreams. So when the Sony Ericsson Open arrives in town, don’t take it for granted. Enjoy the matches, relish in the on-site offerings and entertainment options and take the opportunity to get inspired to become leaner, meaner and more fit than you ever imagined possible. You owe it to yourself — and to all those of us who see you on a regular basis.
Jorge Arauz | Editor-in-Chief