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The “It” Factor

If you have a Valentine’s Day date, you probably know by now what you’re going to wear. But what about your makeup and hair? Why not try something new this year? Here are three beautiful celebrity looks that will work for any Valentine’s Day tryst. Pick your favorite star, and find out how to match her style!

Angelina Jolie
Mysterious Girl
If you love her brazen beauty as much as we do, follow these simple steps to make this look your own.

› Step 1: Wash your hair with Phyto Curl Shampoo and dry softly.
› Step 2: Add a small amount of Phyto Curl Spray to stimulate curl.
› Step 3: Put the rollers on and blowdry hair with hot air.
› Step 4: Once hair cools down, remove the rollers and style with your fingers.

Eva Longoria
Sultry Siren
If being casually sexy is your goal, this loose updo will get the message across perfectly.

› Step 1: Begin with dry hair. Apply a nickel-sized amount of Phytobaume Conditioning Cream throughout the outer surface, distributing it lightly and evenly.
› Step 2: Rush hair back, up and away from the face, and allow it to fall in a loose off-center part.
› Step 3: Gently finger-comb the back and sides of the hair into a low ponytail. I recommend using an elastic. Note: Don’t pull too tight!
› Step 4: Wrap the ponytail around the base of the elastic. You’ll need 8-10 hairpins to anchor it against the nape of your neck. Spray with Phyto Instant Hold Spray.

Jennifer Aniston
Girl Next Door
If you want to keep it simple, this straight, super-sexy look should make him take notice.

› Step 1: Start with Phytoneutre Shampoo. Towel-dry flat and add leave-in Phytobaume Conditioner. This will help make hair flat, soft and much more pliable.
› Step 2: Proceed with a combination of equal parts sculpting Phyto Wet Gel and work it through hair. This will help straighten and shine.
› Step 3: Blowdry hair with large round brush, focusing the nozzle of the dryer down the hair shaft.
› Step 4: Once hair is dry and as straight as you can get it, use Phyto Finishing Spray on a section of your hair, then flat-iron it. Make sure you don’t brush it afterward.

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“It sometimes happens that a woman is handsomer at 29 than she was 10 years before”
— Jane Austen

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24-hour Shadow
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