The New Super Car

In addition to redefining the term “sleek,” Acura’s original NSX was something the world had never seen before: a reliable supercar. But then, in 2005, it suddenly went away.
Text by Bill Lindsey | May 11, 2018 | Luxury

Honda’s Acura division rocked the automotive world in 1990 by introducing the Acura NSX (“New Sportscar, eXperimental”). A two-seater featuring an aluminum body and an aluminum 3-liter V6, it combined sensuous lines, flawless handling and no-nonsense engineering that made it unbelievably reliable, a term not often used to describe supercars. Sadly, the car was discontinued after a 15-year run. Honda kept promising they were developing an improved version, but years went by and 0 never got to 60. Now, finally, the wait is over. Following the trend started by Porsche’s 918, the new NSX is a hybrid, powered by a 3. 5-liter twin turbo V6 and a trio of electric motors that all combine to produce almost 600 hp. That’s equivalent to 27 Priuses (or is it Priusi?) all hooked together (ok, fine, 4.7 Priuses…or Priusi…). Sure, it gets great fuel economy, but that’s not why anyone would lust for this car. The NSX is a game-changer — a practical, prudent way to indulge your decadent appetite for a supercar;