The Slope Less Traveled

Sick of the South Florida swelter? Tired of traversing a city with temperatures in the triple digits? Travel experts SkiUSA can deliver the whimsy of a snow day, any day.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | May 11, 2018 | Lifestyle

If you’re a Magic City native, you’ve spent your South Florida seasons dreaming of crisp pines and mounds of freshly fallen powder, of bombing berms and a family faithfully huddled together by an open fire in the ski lodge. Intrepid, exhilarating, every year more Miamians are skiing through the summer. There’s only one problem: Stuck as we are so far outside the snowbelt, to whom do we turn to facilitate our slopeside entertainment? Whether for family or business, resort experts SkiUSA are a Key Biscayne-based, family-owned business dutifully determined to plan the best of ski-centric outings for your family, friends and business associates alike. From heliskiing to beginner’s slopes, Laguna Del Inca Portillo to the steeps of Las Leñas, SkiUSA promises to deliver your every snow-bound desire all year round;