Tiger Time

Arnold Palmer, Gary Player and Tiger Woods can master any course within minutes of arriving on the green. Tag Heuer now offers the rest of us a way to improve our score.
Words by Bill Lindsey | June 25, 2019 | Lifestyle

While every golfer has a favorite course they know by heart down to every squirrel and ball-eating pond, the thrill of a new one always beckons. Golf pros have the ability to visualize a course before they play it, instinctively choosing the exact right club for each hole. The rest of us need the Tag Heuer Gold Edition Connected Modular Smartwatch. Tag’s proprietary app grants access to 3D renderings of 39,000 golf courses on the titanium housing’s 1.39” display or on your phone’s screen. By “seeing” each hole, you know what club to use. In addition to always displaying the exact time, the Golf Edition also keeps score, tracks shots and maintains your statistics. And in case you have to venture into the pond after an errant swing, the Golf Edition is water-resistant to depths of 164’; Gator repellant not included;