Time Capsule

When traveling, it’s nice to be able to chose the right watch for the occasion — just as you wear boots at one event and boat shoes at another. But how to safely transport a small fortune in timepieces?
Text by Bill Lindsey | May 26, 2018 | Luxury

Until now, traveling timepiece fans have had to make do with just one high-end watch, or tuck their other watches into their luggage, swaddled in a hand towel. Dottling, the manufacturer of the bank vault-like Fortress Home Safe, offers a better alternative. The Guardian looks like a Versace thermos, if such an item existed. However, underneath the black-pleated leather exterior is a bulletproof, diamond-hard carbide, aramid fiber and polycarbonate cocoon secured by a scaled-down vault door. The Guardian is to watch safes what the President’s limo is to a sedan; the ultimate and virtually impregnable portable safe haven for 6 timepieces, jewelry, documents and other small valuables. A GPS tracking device allows you to know exactly where it is at all times;