Timeless score

Beautiful, brazen, ruthless, intelligent and endlessly ambitious, Nero’s mother plots, lies, and manipulates her way through the tangled and dangerous world of Roman politics in Florida Grand Opera’s Agrippina.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | March 29, 2022 | Lifestyle

Composed by George Frideric Handel of Hallelujah Chorus fame, the fierce and virtuosic score of Agrippina @ Florida Grand Opera calls for singers capable of spectacular vocal fireworks and range. This 300-year-old opera is based on the real-life Roman empress who wielded her behind-the-scenes power like a poisoned dagger to put her unqualified son, Nero, on the throne. The set and costumes reflect the magnificence of the Baroque Era, and the cast features some of the top artists available today: Christine Lyons as Agrippina; Flora Hawk as Poppea; and Kenneth Tarver as Nero. Ground-breaking conductor Jeri Lynne Johnson and director Jeffrey Marc Buchman, who also directed A Streetcar Named Desire, have crafted a not-to-be-missed tour de force; May 14-19;