To Mom, With Love

We introduce you to a few marvelous mothers on Key Biscayne intent on creating a harmonious life balance while enjoying each and every second with their smiling kids as they grow up living in paradise.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | Photos by Edward Leal | May 1, 2018 | People
Cyn Clare  Lima-Rodriguez

Macallan (2); Jameson (3); Martini (8)
A bubbling presence on The Key, Cyn Clare Lima-Rodriguez is a treasure-trove of mothering knowledge for those new to this most sacred life experience. “One of the things a lot of people told me when I was first pregnant was to get as much sleep as possible,” she says. “And they couldn’t be more right!” Although getting enough rest each day is challenging with a trio of little Key Rats tumbling about the house, Lima-Rodriguez says that when it comes to her loving children, the benefits far outweigh the costs. “The best part of being a mom is hearing the sweet nothings and ‘I love you’s’ from my little ones, and feeling their unconditional love,” she says. “The smiles on their faces, the endless cuddles and kisses, watching them grow and learn something new each day — every part about being a mom is the best!”

“My ideal Mother’s Day is having a worry-free day with the entire family on a cruise! While the kids are having fun engaging in fun activities around the ship, I envision myself watching them as I’m relaxing in a lounge chair with a cocktail in hand!”

Jennifer Held

Spencer (9 Months)
A Big Apple native who has spent her life savoring some of our nation’s richest cultural capitals, when Jennifer Held, new mother, attorney and partner at one of New York’s leading personal injury law firms, Held, Held & Held, imagines a location perfect for her family, Key Biscayne always ranks at the top of the list. “I started visiting right after I finished high school and was quick to fall for the magic of the island,” says Held, who attended University of Miami and is one of the rare and early owners at Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne. “It’s private, family-oriented, safe, beautiful…it’s an oasis just a scenic drive from the hustle and bustle of the mainland!” Today, she’s enchanted by her new baby and the joys motherhood has brought. Intent on entirely harmonizing her role as mom and courtroom litigator, there’s no length she’ll go to make sure both she and her baby see as much of each other as possible during these tender first years. “I built a nursery across the hall from my office to make sure I don’t miss a thing,” she says of toting 9-month-old Spencer between play dates and calendar calls. “He’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me — he’s sweet, wonderful, fun…just everything good in this world!”

“Motherhood is an indescribable love you just have to experience to truly understand!”

Orianna Maza Moss

Suzana (9); Alexa (7); Leandro (3)
Intent on being the fullest expression of herself personally, professionally and spiritually, Orianna Maza, VP of Financial & Administrative Affairs at Millenia Atlantic University, mother of 3 and active member of worldwide Buddhist network Soko Gakkai International, has some truly priceless advice for new mothers overwhelmed with their expanded role in our modern society: Nobody’s perfect, so feel free to take it easy! “Regardless of how well you prepare, you’ll never be ready,” says Maza, whose favorite family activity is whiling away hours on the beach. “You’ll make mistakes, but you’ll also learn very quickly,” she says. “Always invite advice, but keep in mind that every mom reacts differently and no child is the same, so listening to your natural instincts is extremely important.” Aware that her time is a precious commodity, her favorite personal pastime is a little slice of the day that only a mother can truly appreciate. “I love alone time, especially being able to sleep-in,” she says. “But even outside the rare cases when that happens, even a 15-minute break where I can enjoy a quick cup of coffee is relaxing!”

“When I calculate the time needed for all of my daily responsibilities, it rarely fits within a 24-hour cycle…but somehow when you’re a mom, you pull off the impossible and make miracles happen!”