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Casa Grande Design Group will transform your home into an oasis. Founder Ursula Barrantes Tarafa guarantees satisfaction no matter what you’re looking to establish. “I’m totally in love with what I do,” she says of her full-service interior design, decorating, space planning and redesign service firm. “I wake up and fall asleep thinking about my designs.” That passion can be seen in every facet of her work. “I put so much effort into my projects and I always pay attention to every last detail.” To take your home to the next level, call 305.365.8838 or email [email protected].

Dream Grill
The Chamber Grill has a patented design that allows for a variety of different cooking methods and techniques including grilling, roasting, searing, steaming, frying, boiling, and even baking. The genius system allows direct-heat cooking without having to worry about flame-ups. To get yours for $899 before they’re released to the masses this spring, visit

“I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself.”
— Maya Angelou

Mirror, Mirror
The average American household has 5 mirrors throughout their home, with another added with each additional family member.




Hair Ball
According to the people who study these things, the most common material found in vacuum cleaner bags besides dust is human hair.




Shoo Fly
In order to avoid a fruit fly infestation, make sure to keep fresh produce sealed or in the fridge.