Totally Inspired

As a journalist, I often get asked which interviews have been stand-outs in my career, which ones have inspired me the most. It’s not necessarily the Presidents. Or the celebrities. Or the Fortune 500 CEOs. It’s the moms. I’ve found that the mothers I’ve interviewed over the years have a lot in common with the aforementioned. Like a President, they have tough choices to make and are held accountable on a daily basis. Like a celebrity, they have a fan base and a hectic tour schedule — whether on the playground or at home. Like a Fortune 500 CEO, they must keep things running smoothly. It’s these and many other qualities that make the job of being a mom the most important gig in the galaxy. And if you don’t tell her enough, let mom know you love her. And do it every single day. And for heaven’s sake, give her a great gift this Mother’s Day! She deserves it!
Jorge Arauz

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