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The team at California Closets sees home as more than a place where you sleep at night and store your things. It’s a source of comfort and a refuge, a space for connection and celebration — it’s a way of life.
Text by Sandy Lindsey Photos courtesy of California Closets | June 18, 2018 | Design & Real Estate

Life is messy…busy modern life is especially so. It was this idea, this desire for organization, that lead to the creation of California Closets. It all began in 1978, when the company was founded by an 18-year-old college student who turned his innovative idea of maximizing space in his dorm room closet into a successful small business in Southern California. “Thirty years ago, we created a new industry with custom-designed and installed storage,” says Robin Annon, Sales Manager of the Miami Franchise of California Closets. “Today, we’re proud to be recognized as the leaders in the industry we first innovated all those years ago.”
In the ensuing decades, the company has continued to innovate with a focus on providing customers with stylish, smart and sustainable solutions for every style of home. California Closets is dedicated to organizing and simplifying the lives of their customers, while maintaining a strong focus on style. In fact, the name California Closets conjures up images of glamorous, seamlessly organized closets filled with designer treasures. Yet these days, though they still offer the largest variety of places to store various clothing and intimates — as well as luggage, shoes, purses, belts and ties — the company is so much more. They now handle enhanced living solutions and customizable furniture for just about every room in the house including but not limited to bedrooms, kids rooms, media rooms, media centers, pantries, craft rooms, garages, entryways and just about any other space that might benefit from some extra organization and storage.
Whether we’re talking about a home office or a posh suite in a Class A high-rise building, California Closets can transform a cluttered and dull office into a thing of beauty with their extensive line of finishes, hardware options and additions such as lighting. “Staying organized is no longer a chore with features such as in-drawer file organizers (so you can do away with unappealing file cabinets), pull-out keyboard trays, slide-out shelves that can store printers and fax machines out of sight until they’re needed and hardware that allows for better management of cords and wires,” says Annon. “Because the solutions are completely customizable, they can be tailored to individual tastes and budgets.”
To remain on the cutting-edge, the company tracks upcoming trends in design and fashion, with a particular focus on elegant Italian design. This spring, the focus is on textures. “We’re seeing an influx in requests for smooth, high-gloss finishes in white, a neutral shade or the occasional vibrantly-hued splash of color combined with heavily textured earth tones,” says Annon.
In their continuing effort to provide high-quality products at competitive prices, California Closets is offering a new, high-gloss material imported from Italy. It’s a melamine alternative that’s more eco-friendly, durable, and — best of all — more affordable than other products on the market, without sacrificing appearance. “We’re also seeing a shift toward more streamlined hardware and accessories, or the elimination of it altogether,” says Annon. “Our designers are very detail-oriented, and our products reflect this with touches like all of our drawers coming with self-closing under-mount drawer slides for a more sleek and smoothly operating drawer-system.”
With spring-cleaning quickly approaching, California Closets can help you get organized without sacrificing the beauty and design of your space. And their expertise is not limited to the bedroom closet, their designers can help provide solutions for under-utilized areas with their new sleek and functional fusion slat-wall systems that employ melamine finishes for beautiful and effective garages, craft rooms, storage areas and laundries.
To further set their products apart, California Closets uses top-of-the-line German materials that are carefully crafted in their Miami warehouse for unique creations that satisfy demands not being met previously. Because production and manufacturing remain local, there’s a high-level of customization possible. This allows for designers to create custom, multi-function pieces that maximize and multiply the efficiency of a space. For example, an extra bedroom doesn’t have to be a guestroom or an office; it can be both with a custom, combination Murphy Bed & Desk System.
The Miami focus has resulted in great success, even in a questionable economy that has seen many other businesses struggle to keep their doors open. “Since taking over the company 5 years ago with new ownership, our business has almost tripled because of our focus on customer service,” says Annon. “Our customers consistently return for additional projects, and refer us to their friends and neighbors.” The company also continues to establish and maintain relationships with interior designers, architects, general contractors and builders, who have come to appreciate the quality and innovation of the brand.
Upon stepping into the Miami showroom, clients receive a warm greeting and specialty coffees to sip while browsing. The team at California Closets Miami wants customers to feel comfortable from the moment they arrive, something that’s essential when one lets designers into their home. Each and every employee is focused on listening to customer requests then planning the correct solution for their everyday needs, based on the best functionality for each particular situation. “We began by focusing on each customer’s needs and 3 decades later, nothing has changed,” concludes Annon. “The satisfaction of our customers remains our most important goal. We’re committed to listening to their needs, working hand-in-hand with them and never forgetting that it’s a true privilege to be invited into their home, and into their life.”
California Closets Miami is located at 900 Park Centre Blvd., Ste. 476 in Miami Gardens. For a consultation or to learn more, call 305.623.8282 or visit