Transport Perception

Forget the infomercials and targeted social media ads, the best night’s sleep of your life is just a space-age bed away.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | December 25, 2022 | Lifestyle

Designer Alberto Frias believes that everyone should be able to transport themselves into their own personal light, sound and space environment. However, he’s not just talking abstractedly. He put his abundant creativity into creating a $30,000 light, sound and vibration multi-sensory space: The Tranquility Pod Bed. Handcrafted from fiberglass, the pod’s ellipsoid exterior blocks 90% of outside noise while its interior plays music from the integrated 80-watt, 4-speaker sound system. The subwoofer generates gentle vibration through the bed, resonating through the body to impart restful harmony. The biofeedback system uses a pulse sensor that synchronizes your heartrate with 50 LEDs housed in the pod’s inner perimeter, creating ambient mood lighting for calming the mind as you rest on an ultra-suede topped memory foam cushion that covers a temperature-controlled octagonal waterbed with a pair of lofty ultra-suede pillows. A mini version is available for $17,000 for tight spaces or kids;