Trending Toppers

As fashionistas say “YAAAAAS” — capes are back on trend, along with divine pochos and oh-so-chic blankets. Just right for South Florida’s temperate Fall/Winter season.
Words by Zelda Grant | June 26, 2019 | Fashion

Caped Crusaders

Make any outfit look immediately super pulled together and sophisticated with a cape. They are beautiful covers that can be worn in any weather.

Primo Ponchos

Comfortable and stylish, with or without sleeves, ponchos are about asymmetrical hemlines and soft, rich textures. Pair them with closet classics for added oomph.

Security Blanket

Bodaciously practical and glamorous, toss your blanket wrap in a large tote for the icy blasts of those frigid air-con situations and instantly change up your look.