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True Glow

We’ve all heard of the “pregnancy glow,” but those fluctuating hormones can do strange things — like make parts of you “GROW” in places you’d never expect. Expectant mommies-to-be and breast-feeding mommies may experience acne, itchiness, rashes, skin pigmentation changes, skin tags and unsightly stretch marks. Drs. Michael E. Kelly, Carlos L. Wolf and Brad P. Herman at Miami Plastic Surgery will ensure your little bundle stays safe while you continue your all-important skincare regimen. All three Board Certified physicians at Miami Plastic Surgery are highly respected in the community for their expertise, leadership roles and proven results. To schedule a consultation, call 305.595.2969 or visit As an added bonus, you can watch full episodes of their unscripted reality series body/WORK on their site.

Safe Smoke
Tired of smelling like stale cigarette smoke? Want to rid yourself and your loved ones of the most disgusting habit on the planet? Smokers now have a healthier alternative thanks to a company called ePuffer that has created smokeless electronic cigarette products that produce simulated smoke — minus the 4,000+ chemicals and ingredients associated with traditional cigarettes. Instead of carcinogen-laden smoke, ePuffers electronic cigarettes and cigars produce evaporating vapors that that look and taste like the real thing, but won’t result in the negative effects you’ve grown accustomed to all these years. Refillable cartridges are available. For more information and to see the complete line and price ranges, visit

“Age does not depend upon years, but upon temperament and health.”
— Tryon Edwards

Cheese Chaser
Next time you have a little too much to drink but still have to keep the party going, try eating a couple of cubes of cheese to absorb some of the alcohol in your belly. It’s a tastier and lighter alternative to nap-inducing carbs.




Health Nut
Studies have shown that adding pecans to a low-fat diet significantly lowers cholesterol levels in adults over the age of 30. The nut also provides fiber, essential nutrients and heart-healthy oils.




Bear Aches
Pediatricians throughout the world report that eating too many Gummy Bears in one sitting results in belly aches. Not a revolutionary finding, but something worth thinking about next time you’re at the check-out line in the grocery store and Jr. wants a snack.