Twice The Valentine

Trying to score a table at a restaurant for Valentine’s Day can be exhausting and expensive. Sure, romantic dinners are the date of choice for this special day, but you two are no ordinary pair and you prefer that your rendezvous is a little less predictable and a lot more conscious.
Text by Ros Prado | May 20, 2018 | Fashion

Spice up your next date with a trip to uncharted territory — Twice Consign, a second-hand clothing store that will ensure you seal the deal. Make it a mission to find matching outfits and stroll the aisles together searching for items that tell stories of lover’s past. The pieces found here carry stories that will never be told, but you can both play a guessing game of who these items belonged to. Buying secondhand is an amazing way to both save money and help the environment while shopping vintage artifacts. Once you’re done conquering the clothing section, move on to the household section of the shop. Find a piece to decorate your home with, one that perfectly resembles your relationship — classic, original, conscious and sustainable;