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Ultimate Flexibility

Seamlessly blending spaces, perfect organization and concealment: that’s the philosophy underlying SieMatic’s FloatingSpaces kitchen panel system.
Text by Myriam Rojas | June 17, 2018 | Design & Real Estate

This uniquely intelligent system of shelves create a streamlined integration of both cooking and living spaces – so effectively and beautifully, in fact, that FloatingSpaces was named a Best Design of 2012 winner by Interior Design magazine. Available in a wide selection of colors and materials;

First Impression
Homes aren’t exempt from the first impressions rule. Make sure that yours has the right kind of impact with Farrow & Ball’s new collection of Exterior finishes. The luxury Brit firm has long been known for their gorgeous interior paints and wallpapers, and has at last released a line of paints designed to withstand whatever nature thinks to throw at them. The colors are subtle perfection, a noticeable yardstick above the conventional competition, and work on brick, wood, or metalwork; $115 per gallon,

Home Trends
The overall trend for this year is toward simpler living and low-maintenance design, but with accents to graphic patterns in fabrics, large plaids, Marrakesh patterns, stripes in cushions and drapes and a splash of color without overpowering. This movement is also manifested in a growing demand for a safer and healthier home. When it comes to the kitchen, a clean, simple and contemporary look with quartz countertops will be popular to homeowners to economize and eliminate high maintenance. A glass/stone/tile mosaic backsplash that adds texture and color is part of the new trend. What’s more, a variety of textures that inspire warmth and comfort like suede, velvet and wood are materials being used and will also be a key factor in arranging spaces. Plus, if you haven’t already heard, green and sustainable design is here to stay. The top trend this year is to create a healthy living environment. Green living in design and architecture — from mobile plants to panels or framed plant screens with light effects — can be a fresh touch with advantages.

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“A man’s home is his wife’s castle.”
— Alexander Chase

Scary Inhabitants
Forget mold in the walls or a leaky roof — in New York, a legal decision put ghostly presences in the same category. That means if you’ve got an in-house poltergeist, you’d better share it with potential buyers upfront.



Stellar Home
Iranian-American Georgia resident Fred Milani had a dream house. Hint: It’s big, it’s white and located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. So Milani built himself a perfect replica — and probably for a lot less cash than a run for office.



Chill Out
A British survey found that the majority of household arguments aren’t about cash: They’re about temperature. Men apparently find their homes too hot, while women generally complain about the cold. Possible solution: Ice packs and Snuggies.