Undertech Empire

Courageously innovating our intimates, lux lingerie line Giapenta integrates landmark textile technology with a classical sense of chic to enhance that most delicate of delicates.
Text by Hugh Marchand | May 8, 2018 | Fashion

It’s an often unknown aspect of our globalized fashion industry: Major lingerie brands dictating what satisfies as sexy in the female form are almost all run entirely by men. Boldly battling back the current corporate culture with a seamlessly sensual line of Florida-born unmentionables comes Giapenta, a line founded and operated by sisters Elena & Kris Strouthopoulos. Not content to simply reimagine the creases and contours of nightwear, the brand’s products come equipped with a landmark textile innovation sure to send ripples through the wider fashion world. “My background in retail management affords me the opportunity to work with the highest-quality and most innovative fabrics on the market,” says Kris. “What stands out most is a material that proactively regulates body temperature. I thought if people were getting such an amazing benefit from this material all night long, why not get the same benefit during the day from their intimates, those pieces that are worn closest to the body?” As such, all the pieces in the collection blissfully blend high-tech fabric with an unmatched peerless eye for color and design;