Up, Up & Away

Weightlessness isn’t just for NASA anymore! Space tourism company Zero-G is on a mission to make the excitement and adventure of space travel accessible to the public.
Words // Kaya Baez | Photos // c/o ZERO-G | November 28, 2021 | Lifestyle

You no longer have to be a famous billionaire to experience what it’s like to travel to outerspace because Zero-G Corporation is now providing the same opportunity to thrill-seekers in Miami who want to float in real life, minus gravity. As the only commercial opportunity on the planet to experience true “weightlessness” without leaving the stratosphere, the company’s CEO Matt Gohd knows better than anyone what it feels like to be in space without leaving Earth. For a cool $7,500, you can jump into a flight suit to float like an astronaut and fly like a superhero in complete weightlessness. G-Force One is a modified Boeing 727-200, with an upgrade to its hydraulic system that allows for continuous hydraulic pressure during parabolic performance. The modification, along with the addition of accelerometers in the cockpit, were tested and approved by the FAA. The interior has been altered to allow for maximum floating space divided into padded sections from floor to ceiling. Flyers ages 8 and up will experience the whole gamut from zero gravity to Lunar Gravity (1/6 of your weight) and Martian Gravity (1/3 of your weight), with flight days lasting about 5 hours; Private charter flights also available;