Urban Takeover

Land Rovers have evolved from tough little 4x4s created to move soldiers in WWII into the very slick Range Rover Evoque that can convert miles of “always under construction” South Florida roads into smooth thoroughfares.
Text by Bill Lindsey | February 28, 2019 | Luxury

Range Rovers are the choice of royalty and celebrities because they combine uncompromising luxury with the ability to go anywhere under any conditions. Most Ranges are burly beasts that are better suited to the savannahs of Africa than tight city roads and parking garages. The Range Rover Evoque, however, is a petite SUV that gives up none of the marque’s battle-bred toughness nor any of its luxuries. The interior utilizes Kvadrat wool, eucalyptus-derived textiles and Dinamica suedecloth to create a cocoon of comfort that is enhanced by a touchscreen infotainment system and cabin air ionization technology. Powertrain options include a perky 296-hp engine coupled to a silky-smooth 9-speed ZF transmission or a “mild hybrid” 48-volt electric motor that harvests energy created during braking to ensure maximum range. If you want a vehicle that can maneuver tight parking garages and would be a great choice to carry your family to safety during a raging hurricane, this is the ride to get you through the apocalypse;