Urban Warrior

One would never guess that Juan Raul Hoyos has had no formal artistic training when looking at how brilliantly he fuses photography, painting and sculpture in his works that have attracted collectors the world over.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | November 29, 2019 | Lifestyle

The outside-the-box artistry of Juan Raul Hoyos consists of manipulating photographic images that he creates and then process electronically. “The images resulting from this method are then painted or printed with silkscreen frames,” he says. “In essence, I use the frame as one of my paintbrushes. They are really images of the city, urban landscapes of the places where I find myself; ongoing reflections of a life between the domestic and the urban.” One of his most notable works, Compound, a series of 4 different installations, each composed of 513 recycled paper bags silkscreen-printed in variable dimensions will be on display at Etra Fine Art during Art Basel Miami/Miami Art Week. “Compound speaks of how the design of our cities and the system for building them is rapidly heading toward a single standard,” he says. “Due to the application of a general formula to resolve a problem which might have more to do more with ‘dwelling’ than ‘inhabiting.’”; ;