Vanessa Gallardo

Vanessa Gallardo finds much of her inspiration in the architecture of tiny homes — campers and boats that are renovated into luxury to-go apartments.

California Closets
900 Park Centre Blvd., Ste. 476, Miami Gardens

“When I call a client after installation and they’ve already begun filling and organizing their new closet, I know it’s been a successful project!”

“It’s a challenge to maximize storage in such a small area while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing space,” she says. While her signature style is clean lines and light colors, and she regularly suggests mirrors and glass to give the illusion of a larger space, her ultimate goal is making sure her client’s own style is reflected in their new closet. “Sometimes the client’s dream closet doesn’t align with their desired budget,” she says. “Thankfully, California Closets offers finishes and features at every price point so that aesthetics are never compromised.” The company is constantly innovating to make storage more beautiful and more functional. “Recently, we’ve started offering a small but mighty wall organizer that can hold shoes, jackets, hats, and even keys,” she says. “It’s a wonderful fix for shallow spaces.” She once had a client who was at the end of their rope in their search for an organizational fix. They had a large family and not only needed a home for all their supplies, but also needed the area to be easily upkept. “The moment our installers finished, she called me in tears thanking me and our entire team for taking such a weight off,” she says. “That is the level of service and customer satisfation we strive for in every project.”

Using one finish doesn’t have to be boring. Strategically placed lighting and glass help break up a space.
 If backing isn’t your thing, painting or adding wallpaper adds character and creates a more finished look.
 Mimicking surrounding textures and finishes ties this space together.
 Top trim and base molding are essential when designing to create a seamless transition between the unit and the rest of the space.
  “Painting the surrounding walls the same color as the closet gives an intentional built-in look. It’s as though it has always been there!”
 “When dealing with tight spaces, it’s important to take inventory of what the client would like to store so no corner is left unused.”
“Keeping drawers behind doors is essential in creating clean lines and keeping symmetry in a space.”