Venetian Artistry

Montegrappa’s Vintage Class writing instruments use modern tooling to recreate the dashing elegance of early-era writing silhouettes. Period-correct finishes revive the fashions of days gone by.
Words by Zelda Grant | October 27, 2022 | Luxury

Unique in its class and named in honor of the ancient city of Venice, the silhouette of the Montegrappa Venetia  revives a 1920s archive shape, with a similarly frugal use of metal components. The retro character is further enhanced by expressive resin lathing; full-bodied and distinctive, with precision and bullet-nose tapering at each end. The grip section also features daring industrial design, with an innovative graduated step and flared, ski-jump profile. Crafted of resin, the design utilized gold-plated brass to recreate the company’s famous ruzzolino contour clip and an elegant, thin line cap band. The ambigram is diamond-engraved in resin, and the silhouette’s historic roots are underscored by two period colors: Black and Lagoon Green. Throughout history, artistic flair and tenacious work ethic have defined the fortunes of Venice. With its confident 1920s shaping, Venetia provides a snapshot of a region in rebirth;